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amazon seller tools

In the years I’ve been selling on Amazon, I’ve tried out plenty of different Amazon seller tools and resources. Some have worked out great and helped bring my business to the next level. Others turned out to be total duds and I’ve since (mostly) forgotten about them.  I want to offer up five of the tools I use on a daily basis in my Amazon business.

Full disclosure: some of these are affiliate links, so I will be paid a small commission if you make a purchase. Having said that, the only reason I am promoting these tools is because they are ones I use and trust.

Amazon Seller Tools #1 – Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension

If you’ve read some of my blog posts, then you’ll know how useful I find Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is an incredibly useful tool that actually adds a button to your Chrome browser. When performing a search on Amazon or looking at a product page, if you click the button it creates a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet will estimate average sales, reviews, revenue and more.

While it’s not always perfect, it does a great job of giving you a quick snapshot of how profitable (or unprofitable) a product on Amazon can be. The best way to use it is as a canary to scout the cave. Just because the bird came back alive doesn’t mean that there’s still no danger ahead. You will need to do your own careful research.

Regardless, Jungle Scout will help cut your research time down considerably.

For more details on how to use Jungle Scout to find great products, check out this video I put together: Jungle Scout Product Review – How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

Amazon Seller Tools #2 – Mangool’s KWFinder

Another great tool for Amazon selling is Mangool’s KWFinder. KWFinder is a tool that compares the demand of a keyword to its supply, and awards each keyword a difficulty rating. Combined with in-Amazon product research using Jungle Scout, KWFinder will help you figure out how served or under served a product is on the web itself.

Additionally, when writing blog posts and doing content marketing for your product, it will help you select awesome phrases and word combinations to build blog posts with. Most of my own blog posts are created around this method.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED no matter what sort of business you’re creating. Super useful.

Amazon Seller Tools #3 – Seller Lab’s Snag Shout

When I launch a new product, I want it to get noticed fast. The easiest way to do that is by performing what’s-known-as an accelerator program. An accelerator program is where a seller gives out dozens (if not hundreds) of units of product for free or cheap. Done quickly, these sales will trick Amazon’s search algorithms into thinking it’s a high demand product. This puts your product at the top of search results.

Even with a free or cheap product, it’s not always easy to get the word out, especially if your product starts on page 30. Therefore, I recommend using a promo code site like Snag Shout to advertise your product. The ravenous hordes of deal-finders and EBay flippers quickly grab any and all products that are priced in the dirt.

Nearly every product I launch starts on Snag Shout.

Amazon Seller Tools #4 – Seller Lab’s Feedback Genius

Product reviews and seller feedback can make or break your Amazon business. Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow up with your customers (or should I say, Amazon’s customers) as best you can. Of course, when you make 20-30 sales per day, sending individuals emails is impossible. Thus, it’s time to get a good email auto-responder.

Feedback Genius seamless integrates with Amazon’s API and allows them to send follow-up emails on your behalf. You can do almost anything you can think of with the program. I use it to send an email to let them know when the product is almost at their door. Then, I check up on them after two days to see if the transaction went okay. Finally, I drop them a line a week later to get their feedback on the product itself.

This novel little service has prevented quite a few bad-reviews-that-could-have-been, potentially saving me thousands in opportunity costs.

Amazon Seller Tools #5 – RootJazz’s InstaDub

There’s immense value in building a social media presence. And for my money, there’s no better social media platform than Instagram. Not only is Instagram fun and generally positive, it’s crazy easy to build a following with. With the right discipline and strategy, you can build massive following of 10,000 or more in as little as six months.

However, when you’re relaxing on a beach or working on your great American novel (because Amazon selling has freed up all your spare time), you might not have the time nor inclination for the work required to build your following. That’s where InstaDub comes in. InstaDub is an automated Instagram bot that will follow, unfollow, like, react, comment, and even post for you. It allows you to automate unlimited Instagram accounts, too, which gives you the opportunity to build a virtual social media army.

I use InstaDub for all four of my accounts and I freakin’ love it. In fact, I’ve written a few pieces of information on this bad ass little app which you can read about here: Instagram Likes App: How It Can Help You Make Money. I also have a video that you can watch here: 5,000 Instagram followers in less than four months.

Amazon Seller Tools #6 – Thrive Themes

Later, when you start building your own site on Word Press for your products (or for whatever, really), you’re going to want some bad ass themes and plugins. Look no further than Thrive Themes. Thrive Themes gives you everything you need to create a fully functional sales site. It’s got lightboxes, multiple responsive themes, even WYSIWYG editors. It integrates seamlessly with most of the big Word Press plug in brands and I’ve yet to have a problem that their customer service couldn’t fix.

I’m not kidding. Literally, every site I operate uses Thrive Themes. Including this one.

Amazon Seller Tools – BONUS – Private Label Playbook: Premium Tools

Included in the Private Label Playbook: Premium package is my own set of tools that I use that have helped me build my Amazon business. These tools can save you hundreds of dollars in subscription-level applications that do only half or less of what some of these do. Additionally, I’ve included 1,000 product ideas a whole bunch of modules, product demonstrations, and more.

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