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Alibaba Report: “How Do You Justify the $40 Price?”

As of this writing, I’ve shipped roughly 2,500 copies of my infamous Alibaba report where I show you how to find profitable products on Alibaba to sell on Amazon (… in 10 minutes or less). This report demonstrates how I can find something totally random–in this case a water bottle–figure out the cost for the […]

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Can you name a single company that generates millions in net profits that has less than 5 employees?

Forbes posted a list of five one-person job businesses that earn $1,000,000 plus in net earnings, but all were more or less variations on consulting, essentially selling what you know for a cost. The top consulting practices were: Marketing/Management Legal Computer systems Advertising Architecture/engineering For the entire Forbes article, you can read it here: Million-Dollar, One-Person […]

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What is the best business to start online?

Here’s just a few of my favorites (all relatively low-cost, too):[1] Start an Amazon FBA private label business. This is what I do full time, personally, and has paid my bills for nearly three years. You research niche products on Amazon, source the products with Alibaba, brand those products with your own label, and sell […]

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What was it like going to college with Elon Musk?

He was a total NERD. He mostly kept to himself until he went to Penn where “he met people that thought like him. There were some nerds there. He so enjoyed them. I remember going for lunch with them, and they were talking physics things. They were saying, “A plus B equals pi squared’ or […]

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What are some signs that a person will be successful?

Here’s a few common denominators to success: Most successful people are born at the right time in the right place and come from the right background. Yes, the answer may trouble some, but the reality of it is that luck plays a huge hand in success. If Bill Gates hadn’t been born in the mid-1950s as […]

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I’ve been thinking of trying out Fulfillment by Amazon. What are some suggestions for a niche that would be great for starters?

The best niches to get started with when doing Amazon FBA are going to have products that meet the following criteria: Small, lightweight, and easy-to-ship. This not only helps keep relative shipping costs down for Amazon-to-consumer, but when bringing the goods into the country it can save you a lot of money and headache, too. […]

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Is it too late for me to be successful on amazon FBA?

Heck no. Even today I found opportunity with products just throwing up random research in a Quora question. David Hamrick’s answer to What do you need to know when you are selling products online? What you will have trouble being successful with is finding products that fit the mold that many of the gurus tell you […]

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How do I earn $10k/day profit on Amazon?

$10k in profit a day will probably take roughly 667 units in sales with close to 112 different products. That’s assuming that each product you sell, after fees and costs, makes roughly $15 per unit in gross. And that each product is selling 6 units per day. It takes a while to get there from […]

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