The Product Research Strategy That Will Make You Six-Figures Per Product

My first product was a success. I'm pretty sure that was just luck.

My second product, a watermelon slicer, was a TOTAL FAILURE. And here's why...


What does that mean?

In other words, I was looking for products that sold a high number of units per month  regardless of the gross profits that those products were making.

BIG mistake...

The Watermelon Slicer Horror Story

When I first discovered the watermelon slicer, I noticed that the product's top sellers were selling 1000-1500 units per month at $17 a piece. That sounded pretty amazing to me!

I found a supplier in China selling them for $3 each, so I ordered 1000 units the product for roughly $3000. 

When I sourced the slicers, there were only a handful of sellers with this same product.

I wanted to rush to the market. So I didn't brand the product at all. It just came as it was in a white box. No logo, nothing.

By the time the slicers got here, there were suddenly over 200 more sellers offering the same exact product. UGGGHHH...

Then, the infamous "race-to-the-bottom" started. Sellers started pricing their slicers lower and lower to compete for sales. The slicers went from $17 to $16 to $14 to $11 all the way down to below $10 an item.​

Let's do some quick Amazon math:

  • My slicer is priced at $10 each (any less and it becomes an "add-on" item, meaning we can't sell it solo).
  • Amazon fees are 15% plus $3.02 to ship it. So now I'm left with $5.48.
  • I paid $3 each per slicer. Subtracting the cost-of-goods I've only got ​$2.48.
  • My product debuted on the 20th page of the watermelon slicer listings. In order to get to the front of the listings, I'd have to spend money on advertising or give hundreds away. 
  • By the way, the cost-per-click on keyword "watermelon slicer" to get a front page slot was $5 per click.

So what happened?

  • I decided to forego advertising and promotions. It was just too expensive to compete. So all of my sales came from organic.
  • Organically, my slicers only sold 1-2 per week. At that rate, to sell through the slicers it would take ​12 years to get through the entire set.
  • One year of sales would bring in a super-shitty $201.24 in gross profit (and that's not including costs like long-term storage fees or returns).
  • Dividing the original investment amount of $3000 into the annual gross profit, I'm left with a return of a weak 6.78%.

Moral of the story: I made at least THREE big mistakes.

  1. I didn't do enough research. Had I researched a bit more, I probably would have seen that the return-on-investment (even at 300 units) wasn't really worth it. These days, I've got a GAME CHANGING method of sourcing high ROI products.
  2. I didn't source the product right. I could have negotiated better and gotten the price down, and I could have found a product that was more unique (there were five other sellers with the same product). I've now become a master at sourcing products to not only get unique products, but save a ton of money.
  3. I didn't position the product properly. With no box design, no logo, and no brand to speak of, I couldn't get ahead of all the other products that looked just like mine. I couldn't price it right. And I couldn't avoid hijackers. I now have a KILLER strategy to brand products for maximum pricing and to avoid hijackers who'd try to copy my product.

Don't worry, this is EXACTLY what I'm offering to teach you...

So WTF changed?

  • A kitchen knife that's brought me over $88,100 sales in less than 9 months. I only spent $3325 on the initial order.
  • A golf accessory that's consistently made more than $2,500 in gross profit every month since I launched it. It only cost me $2454 to get into.
  • Another high-end gift product that brings in more than $5,000 in sales each month... selling only 100 units per month. I started with only 300 units at $5 a piece.

Here's the stats on the next three products I launched:

There are over 500 watermelon slicers sitting in my garage to this day. I had to learn the hard way that volume isn't everything. There's a whole lot that goes into selling products on Amazon. Fortunately, I've learned my lesson.


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